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Holidays are designed to relax, which is why with our villa services, you can enjoy all the benefits of a hotel stay from your luxury private villa. There is a whole host of additional activities that we can arrange for you and your group to make your stay even more special, all you have to do is ask.

Wine Tastings

Enjoy your wine tasting near Villa Albizi. We suggest this experience on-site because you will enjoy a unique view: rows that wind circular designs in the ground with sandy clay soil. Our wine partner, Tenuta di Arceno, is one of the benchmark wineries of the Chianti Classico region, for an amazing wine tasting. Tenuta di Arceno estate produce only wines of exceptional quality, all grapes are 100% estate grown and each one showcases our complex terroirs.

Cooking lessons

ALBIZI COOK 4.0  Was born in 2023 from the desire to create a unique experience and to spread the value of food as pleasure, enrichment, and a source of conscious nutrition. Our cooking lessons consist of hands-on demonstrations led either by our chef. You’ll leave Villa Albizi with a new passion for Tuscan culinary tradition. Albizi’s cooking class pays tribute to an ancient culinary tradition that has always been able to renew itself and that has made the sustainability of its production chain a cornerstone. Starting from this premise, by adhering to ALBIZI COOK 4.0 we will not only teach you a recipe starting from the preparation of the basics of the dish, but we will allow you to replicate it with comfort at your home.


Don’t worry about the simple and local ingredients, they will be shipped to you with a simple click.


Albizi Places

Excursions involving the environment, in search of possible synthesis between aesthetic data, historical enunciated and spiritual tension.

Excursions of a day, on exclusive destinations from visits to major art cities to tours of the most hidden villages or to the cellars neighbouring us … more secret destinations that only a local can know, and share with those who rely on him. Obviously, if you want, you can read other works on the place, after all, it is the multiplicity of Tuscany that suggests it. And it’s just a path full of things to see what you’ll discover behind the suggested Works. So you will find in them the nature from which they derive, to which they bring us back.

Pizza in Villa with Chef

Celebrate our pizzas in the garden with an aperitif, just a few steps from your rooms. Living an exclusive day in Albizi is a real splendour. That’s right, at this moment of Pizza, we can really get to know the hands of those who knead. Men whose faces we can see, we can almost touch a wide variety of their tools of the trade, and we can observe the gestures that precede the work accomplished.

BBQ in Villa with Chef

BBQ for your senses. An immersive experience that activates pleasure to fully experience a tasting. Those who try a tasty dinner of our BBQ smell, eat, drink and dream, with their eyes open certainly, but in such a vibrant way that it is as if they penetrate and feel every little vibration of the Tuscan countryside. Our BBQ revolves around a dish, a drink, a material, a place on Earth and through the stimulation of the senses, vibrating the thoughts, memories and breath that mark our existence.

E-bike tour nel Chianti: lo skyline in sella

There is an experience that anyone who loves e-bike tours must try at least once in their life. It is to get on the saddle and glide through the woods of Gaiole in Chianti, get lost among the oaks and gorse, discover a breathtaking view and enjoy the scent of the Hills.

That of Chianti is a unique and wonderfully organized: a real gem among the organized tours by e-bike. From the reservation onwards, you will not have to think about anything. You will receive your new wheels at the time of departure, at Tenuta Albizi, where you will also meet Your guide

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These additional activities under the direction of the staff: Chef and Butler, ready to organize your culinary day Instructors to follow you in the movements of the body ...and always have our suggestions for art to meet.


Our reservation team is always available to help you plan your trip. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or the contact form below.