Every room Tells a story

Each room should reserve surprises to delight both the eye and the mind. Albizi is this Welcome. 7 Design suites under layers of durable patina, in a late 17th-century Tuscan residence. Art Deco suggestions and a striking “all-over” horizontal striped pattern, they encircle to the flanks the interior of this villa signed by P&P associate architects,Entirely punctuated by custom-designed sets, interspersed with original early 1900 pieces, twenties paintings, vases and lamps signed by historic Tuscan glassworks and niche artisans.


The graphic taste of the decoration, the pink-gray detail wood, octanium-cream, the refined combination of materials such as walnut wood, serene stone, the travertine of the Rapolano quarries up to the texture of the mirrored or terracotta surfaces, make the environment warm and contemporary, a discreet luxury.

Purist, Elegant, Welcoming.

Explore the realm of dreams

A feat designed by the Polvani&Pianigiani associate architects: Albizi, this iconic name at the intersection of classical style and contemporary refinement, celebrates the excellence of Florentine savoir-faire and the passion for the art de vivre, culture and gastronomy.

Inside the Villa of the Albizzi

On the Ground Floor, the creations of history designed by time, including ceilings with bleached oak beams, stone floors, stained glass windows, arches and small openings, are granted a balanced incedere that goes from the Living-room to the Billiard-room, from the Dining-room to the private Cellar to the Kitchen, from the narrow corridor between the thick walls to the 2 suites: LUCE SUITE and GIALLO ALBIZI SUITE.


You can also discover that the Veranda, overlooking the sumptuous lavender garden, offers unmissable views of the Maison and a necessary interlude for a sweet day.

The different Albizi Spaces

On the First Floor, the precious Salon, witness to the history of the house – reserved and located near the stone staircase and communicating one of the three bedrooms- the PASSAGE SUITE and more there are in this floor FIENALI SUITE AND PARAVENTO SUITE – that unfolds this level, is now regaining its old prestige, guarding the secrets of the Tuscan style:


…stone fireplace, wooden moldings, a terracotta floor, a selection of artisan furniture and of “modernariato”.


On the Second Floor, you can also discover the last 2 Superior Suites : IL PICCOLO PRINCIPE SUITE and GIOVANNA DEGLI ALBIZZI SUITE


And here you are Albizi Plan

  • The Ground floor: 2 En-suite Rooms, Lounge with Dining Room, Kitchen, Billiard Room, Private Cellar, Guest Bathroom.
  • The First Floor: 3 En-suite Rooms, Salon with Fireplace, Terrace.
  • The Second floor: 2 En-suite Rooms, one of which is double and the other loft.

Access to the upper floors via stone staircase and elevator.




Because we like this house

An unusual solution, a pleasant contrast between the well-established hotel and the architecture. Superb refuge in very special places and spectacular natural surroundings. Outstanding architecture and design create the setting for luxury holidays focused on relaxation, pure fun and absolute privacy.



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