Tuscan historic building dated 1667

In the Borgo di Montefienali of the 12th century

You have to move through Villa Albizi, a place that shines with its own light

Not of reflected light because it is a place that speaks to you, full of history, emotions, love and passion.


The historic palace of the ancient Florentine family of the Albizi, from which the Tenuta degli Albizi takes its name, includes the 12th-century village, the flowering fields planted with lavender and iris, the neighbouring vineyards and the woods of the splendid setting of the Sienese Chianti.


You come in and ask yourself, “Where am I?

Three planes of light

This villa belonged to the Florentine family Albizi, an influential Signoria at the time of Cosimo de Medici. Here, you can find a fluid sequence of spaces that leads to discoveries and surprises: rooms, lounges, corridors, from the main floor to the upper terrace, and the shady green of the Tuscan garden with its secret view of the ancient hills. Light amplifies the spaces: a diffuse, sensitive brightness, of such a characteristic impact that it naturally suggests the new life of the Estate.


In reality, it is all quite composed, linear, and clean, but with the intrusion of certain extraordinary things that break the silence and harmony here and there, creating a new reality, making this place truly unique to the world.

Purist, Elegant, Cosy.

The Villa Albizi fills us with reverence and respect

… because it is a historical place full of references. It has some austerity, but at the same time there are more decorative parts. It is an exceptional enclosure to be able to interpret a dance between history and contemporaneity.

View from the Salone Padronale
The unexpected encounter that characterizes the small openings of a past time.
Entrance from the Garden
The fascinating mystery of the ferrugious sound of portals crossed again.
View from one of the rooms
The bright light of unexpected slits.

Choose to come to a place like this

It’s like a trip to a cultural dimension that becomes emotional, although perhaps you don’t know exactly who designed this countryside, or this villa. It’s something you choose, something you feel, a destination.
And I am convinced that this will happen, a destination linked to an experience.


Imagined as an art house that welcomes guests, Villa Albizi reveals its essence in always different paths, navigating the fascinating labyrinth of the building designed over the centuries: Each space is inhabited by design works, as well as projects of ancient stones in a living and bright dimension because it vibrates of the light of all the people who came here and left traces of their passage.

Be Taken by Design
Be Taken by History
Be Taken by Press


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