Food Sounds Ritual

As we all adjust to a “new normal”, this summer 2023 will be a different experience, to say the least…

Conviviality and sustainability are understood as sharing food favour dialogue, reflection and the pleasure of socializing Food-Sound-Ritual Day is an event centred on the person and the shared passion for the Art of cooking, Mixology, flavors and fragrances.


Good food unites us and even in these uncertain times, Albizi shares the idea of ​​special events, which have tried to find time to continue doing what we do best: feed people with meaning.

Tastings for the 5 senses

Immersive experiences activate the five senses to fully experience a tasting.


Anyone who experiences a Food Sounds Ritual… smells, eats, drinks and dreams, with their eyes open certainly, but in such a vibrant way that it is as if they penetrated and felt every little vibration in the world.


The Rituals of Sounds revolve around a dish, a drink, a pastry, a place on Earth and through the stimulation of the senses, they excite the thoughts, memories and breath that mark our existence.

...a conviviality between flavors, perfumes, architecture and good food

Food Sounds Ritual is an immersive experience that created a new way of experiencing an atmosphere, actively involving all 5 senses. The act of tasting a food involves smell, taste, sight and even hearing. Focusing on the latter recreates an even more suggestive reality.


The journey begins with the tasting of a dish made exclusively by our gourmet chef and subsequently, the gustatory experience is accompanied by a sound and a scent that naturally binds with the dish itself.


The result is an even more intense, engaging and unique perception that manages to provide the three-dimensionality of a recipe and all its gustatory, aromatic and emotional facets

The dinners are the protagonists of this Ritual



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