Pilates in the villa is an experience for the Mind, Body and Soul

In the garden, our Pilates class
will take you on creative walks to choose what you like, show you how to create a variety of movements and transform your stay in villa into a mindful lifestyle.

Get to know our Pilates Retreats with Lauren who
participates in Albizi Cultural Experiences … in addition, improve and immerse yourself with the Italian language program

Get to know our lessons with Anna
participate in group lessons

Give yourself a precious gift
Inside Lauren's RETREAT you make your own path
A glow invites interactions with your Ego

Why our guests love this Retreat

Why it is important to cleanse your subconscious mind. Your habits. Your beliefs. Your routine.

How to overcome your crippling addiction to comfort and create an inspiring life.

…Because it is important to achieve inner balance for outer balance.

A perfect combination to learn new things, visit quaint villages, improve your Pilates practice, enjoy great food and wine, and relax, all with a small group of fun new friends."

– Lisa R



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