Thankfully, there are flower fields

… said Rinaldo degli Albizi, who was – as well as head of the family Degli Albizi, a political refugee in this village that takes its name from  flowers: The Borgo di Montefienali.


There is everything. First of all, outside is the Chianti, which envelops you with its solemnity. Inside there is the Green of both the vineyards and the fields of Iris and Lavender. There is History, which opens the villa to the world. There is a quality green design. There is respect for the place. There are olive trees and hedges. There are terraces revived. There are colors. It is a place that represents the countryside well at the moment.  You couldn’t be anywhere else, except here.

The Borgo Garden
The Inside Garden
The Outside Garden

Water lilies well

Fruit trees, oaks, hedges of laurel and boxwood , an ancient willow, the scent of jasmine, creepers, citrus fruits: the Tuscan garden of Villa Albizi is a sunny, secret oasis that overlooks, climbing the stone steps of the village, with a surprising view – which opens little by little – on typical vineyards of Nostro Chianti. The lush greenery and outdoor furnishings create the perfect place to stop, enjoy the view, let your eyes indulge and discover the well of Pink Water Lilies on site that naturally inhabits the ancient terraces.

A spectacle of Nature

Within the Villa, guests will discover green sanctuaries, designed by architect Polvani in collaboration with architect Pianigiani. Havens of peace in which one may meander, recharge every season.

On the ground floor, a majestic olive tree reach up to the door of wine cellar, while perennial flowers bloom in abundance in the well full of pink water lilies. Outside a veritable garden boasts apple trees and roses and yellow gorses,  Villa Albizi favorite flowers, adding irresistible touches of elation.

The terraced gardens of Villa Albizi

They offer countless possibilities to live outdoors. Directly outside the living room and kitchen, it is a shaded terrace with a dining table for 14 people, offering a fascinating view of the Tuscan landscapes. This generous table lends itself to multi-purpose cooking activities that can be organized for the whole group, including cooking classes, pasta workshops and more.



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