Wellness Suite

A newly expanded osai

The new Albizi Wellness area embraces the swimming pool front, a room carved into the embankment below the terrace, the ancient architecture coexists with the contemporary sign, the living stone with touches of intense design. There are equipment for functional training and a massageroom with a bed, designed specifically for the Villa, and a Sauna. The spa products used follow the signature of Il Signore di Campagna. A massage physiotherapist and a certified pilates personal trainer, for private lessons or in a group, is available upon reservation.

The combination of small Spa and Wellness center establishes a high reference point for epicurean well-being in which our approach blends beauty rituals and time-tested craft products with treatments and therapies to restore and energize restless bodies and minds from the banalities of modern life.




Spa Suite Amenities

Wellness amenities


  • Sauna
  • Hand wash area
  • Rain-shower
  • A massage station
  • Bathrobe and towel one ad personam
  • Oils and Creams of Il Signore di Campagna

Terms & Conditions

Access by appointment to the Spa Suite; Access by reservation; Open from 10am to 7 pm; Max 2 people in the morning and 2 people in the afternoon; Massages of 55 min./person, Available 4 days Mon, Ma, Thu, Fri; Payment at the time of booking for massage or pilates class.


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Form is substance

The forms of Massage, if they can be the same in substance, on the sensory level do not produce the same result. Let’s try to conduct different types of massages in the same way, for example with oils, with stones, with steam, with energy and precision … and get up. An immersive massage in the middle of the nature of Chianti will not have the same flavor as a massage in the gym, or in your home, or in your environment.

The form produces different well-being.



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