The Living-room fills with reverence and respect, because it is a historical place full of references.

It has some austerity, but at the same time there are more decorative parts. It is an exceptional enclosure to be able to interpret a dance between history and contemporaneity.


The main entrance to Villa Albizi takes from the billiard-room into an impressive living, which can also serve as an indoor dining room. It is here where you’ll be greeted by an uninterrupted view of the Chianti hills with its light rising up from the vineyards and filtering through a glass waterfall. The other windows in the living room are the perfect setting for our wonderful outdoor dinner.

The Dining Room
In this living on the ground floor you can dine up to 16 pax creating a mirroring glass bridge
The Library
A comfortable 8 pax sofa area to discover the readings of furniture art fashion design
The Glass Waterfall
The sofa area cover is an immense greenhouse with soft linen canvases to filter out the intense sun

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The high windows in the living are the perfect frame to our wonderful al fresco dinner. The combination of grey stone, enveloping armchairs, books, seasonal flowers, design’s vases and candles, create an elegant, though informal environment that invites guests to unwind.  It’s almost as if the villa were built entirely for this surprise of the panorama. It isn’t a sight you’ll forget easily, even after your stay is complete



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