Les First, but not the last

…the myth of the lamps that light up in Chianti. Beauty, myth, and innovation: the art of Giulio Romano and the latest LED technology, together in one glow of light.


Les First is a company in Mantua born from the intuition of the architect Marcomini.

Les First has given life to sculpture lamps that combine design, craftsmanship, myth, art and genius loci, selecting the best artisan realities

To be the first
...In a new tradition
Italian excellence
Myths take shap
Much has changed
...Everything is changing

A new mythology of light

Second in Les First’sLight of the Gods collection”, and inspired by the feasting gods painted in the Hall of Cupid and Psyche in the Palazzo Te of Mantua, Ermes makes a symmetrical match for the first-born Minerva, in a sophisticated mirroring game of shape, structure, and symbolical value.
Set on top of a Corinthian column, and bathed in a soft glow, the messenger of the gods, symbol of change and whirling energy, is shaped in vibrant ceramic – to create a new mythology of light.



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