The beautiful story

The beautiful success story of a Salento artisan weaving laboratory, which thanks to a french Grand Maison, injected new life into its destiny

It’s the weaving chosen by Maison Dior to realize the Cruise 2021 collection, Presented in the memorable runaway in Piazza Duomo in Lecce the 22nd of July 2020.

LeCostantine is a handmade weaving laboratory with ancient wooden frames with 4 looms, the devices lift up and lower the threads to allow the passage of the bobin shuttle, that employs local women and has a cheerful name: “Singing and Loving”.

Honored by the collaboration and the value their threads arrived on Villa Albizi’s table.

The Wires of tradition, far from common places

Bonds and relationships are something. We always need more and more, because life itself is the art of encounter. LeCostantine, in this sense, are a guiding ligth for laying the basis for a better future, in an historic moment in which aslo and above all the economic paradigms are changing, steering towards solidarity and sustainability.
Entering LeCostantine website the first sentence that shows up is

“So far from common places, so close to a source of well-being”.

Welcome, but reminder as well.



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